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IMN is the place to be to meet business partners, investors and connect with entrepreneurs on a local and an international level. On every event you will experience first class speakers who deliver high valuable content that you can use and implement in your business. But also you will connect and collaborate with highly successful people who aim to achieve more. Learn from each other, share knowledge and experience and provide each other referrals and introductions. Together like-minded entrepreneurs can achieve much more and by holding each other accountable results come faster and more successful.

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Member Benefits

  • Membership Platform

    connecting you to find Partners/Investors to grow your business

  • A Global and Local Business Community

  • Monthly Events

    with Local Business Experts

  • Educational Material/Tools

    to achieve your business goals

  • Accountability Groups

    Accountability groups formed by our members help you to stay on track, focus and reach your goals

  • Community Circles

    offering advice about business development, finance, team building, and much more

  • Weekly Accountability Calls

Next IMN Meeting



  • November 26th, 2018
  • 18:30 Sofitel Frankfurt, Opernplatz 16, 60313 Frankfurt
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5 Reasons Why You Must Come

    • IMN Frankfurt is for people who are passionate about running their own business, however, big or small, part time or full time or if they are looking to set up a new business too.
    • We bring in a local or global millionaire for you to learn from, network with, and ask your questions to. Each speaker will be aligned to help you achieve the goals you are looking to achieve with your business. These millionaire speakers speak to you with the intension to share his/her journey, tribulation, and failures.
    • This is a creative mastermind and brainstorming space where entrepreneurs come to share their experience, their knowledge, their challenges and tips on how to avoid mistakes in business.
    • We have chapters all over the world and have met hundreds of entrepreneurs, who are successful and have built partnerships, shared their message, knowledge, challenges and strategies of building a business all within this network.
    • You have the opportunity to find connections, built partnerships, grow your business, start a business and/or find your next business opportunity locally and/or globally!

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